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I’m happy with my boyfriend but don’t want sex

A 27-year-old says she values her partner but feels no lust towards him. Mariella Frostrup suggests ways to create an erotic charge The dilemma I’m 27 years old and I’ve been with my boyfriend for 10 months. We were friends before and I haven’t felt this comfortable or happy with anyone. We laugh all the […]

A graphic history of sex: ‘There is no gene that drives sexuality. All sexuality is learned’

Changes in sexuality over time have made the modern family what it is. What next? Homa Khaleeli asks the authors of a groundbreaking graphic guide, The Story of Sex Philip Larkin famously announced that sexual intercourse began in 1963 (“Between the end of the ‘Chatterley’ ban / And the Beatles’ first LP”). Being French, and […]

Profits down for as Britons turn to free dating apps

Topline profits down 80% for the dating site as more internet daters opt for mobile-based Tinder and other free apps The dating website suffered a collapse in profits last year as fickle Britons turned to free smartphone apps to find a date. Topline operating profits at the UK’s biggest dating website plunged by 80% […]

My first crush: are you 16 and in love?

If you are a teenager and either in love or looking for it we’d like to hear from you – you can get in touch anonymously below From your great love to your secret crush, Guardian Weekend magazine would like to hear how it feels to be 16. Tell us; do you believe in true […]

The Emojibator: how a euphemistic fruit became an actual sex toy

The idea of turning an eggplant (emoji-speak for penis) into a vibrator started out as a late-night joke. Now founder Jaime Jandler can’t make enough Jaime Jandler didn’t start out in life thinking he’d be the king of a burgeoning emoji-themed sex toy empire. But when you invent the Emojibator – a small, battery powered […]