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Five things that everyone should know about sex | Alice Hoyle

The internet has changed sex and relationships forever. So if your education in the subject stopped at 16, here’s a refresher for the modern world What was your sex education like? Did you get any at all past the age of 16? Given that only a quarter to a third of young people have sex […]

Pregnancy and low self-esteem have put a stop to our sex life

It has been eight months since I gave birth, but I don’t miss sex My partner and I had a fulfilling sex life for years, and then I fell pregnant. Our sex life began to dwindle due to morning sickness and me finding it hard to accept my body shape – I’ve always struggled with […]

I dislike my lazy adolescent stepdaughter | Mariella Frostrup

A woman complains her husband’s teenage daughter is too busy taking selfies to help out. Mariella Frostrup suggests ways of trying to befriend her The dilemma My husband and I have been together for 10 years. During this time I have watched my stepdaughter who lives with us part-time (we have no children of our […]

7 ways to tell if you’re heading for divorce

Do you tell your partner you appreciate them? Are you having enough sex? Here’s how to gauge the health of your relationship Problems such as stresses brought on by circumstances (new job, moving, living somewhere too small, a new addition to the family, etc) are often fairly easy to address and work on. They are […]

How to be a good listener: the experts' guide

Step one: stop talking. From that friend in need to your nightmare colleague, here’s how to hear and make a difference A close friend was going through a terrible time this summer. As she cried to me on the phone in her lunch break or over coffee at the weekend, I tried to be the […]

How do women really know if they are having an orgasm?

Dr Nicole Prause is challenging bias against sexual research to unravel apparent discrepancies between physical signs and what women said they experienced In the nascent field of orgasm research, much of the data relies on subjects self-reporting, and in men, there’s some pretty clear physiological feedback in the form of ejaculation. But how do women […]

I have trouble climaxing with my girlfriend when I wear a condom

At 64, I just don’t get the same sensation with a condom, and manual stimulation during intercourse is uncomfortable for her I am 64. My girlfriend is 48. She cannot take the pill, so I wear a condom. I have no problem having an orgasm without a condom but when I wear one, I don’t […]

My wife is hooked on advice columns, and deeply suspicious

Married to a problem page addict, a man finds himself constantly being suspected of having affairs. Mariella Frostrup considers the case from an agony aunt’s perspective The dilemma I suspect this may be an unusual question, but it’s something that’s causing me genuine distress. My wife is addicted to reading advice columns. She spends entire […]